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Trade in opposite direction of trend, Forex trading manual 2015


Normally for the beginners, trading forex by follow trend is what you should start with. Follow end trading helps you to gain profit easier and also reduce chance to lose if graph run in unexpected way. However if you want find another way to gain more profit in a short term, I suggest you to select some tools for opposite trend trading as following;

1.Trading tools

There are 3 tools or indicators that we will use for opposite trend trading which are;
  1. Bollinger Band
  2. CPI v 1.5
  3. Pinbar
All three tools above can downloadfrom internet and also able to set up on MT4 or MT5. In terms of CPI v 1.5 and Pinbar may have to purchase; however if you have internet skill, you may able to download the program for free.

2. The simple method to read.

When the graph is in a side way form, I must emphasize side way from only, then adjust the graph time frame to H1(1 hour graph). Whenever the graph rises or falls over an upper or a lower band, wait for a trade signal from an arrow of CPI v1.5 or Pinbar. If these 2 signals are up, open the trade order immediately. But, only do it when the candle stick of the graph rises above or below the upper or lower band by 90%.

3. How to manage your portfolio by yourself

For money management, you should use 0.05 lot onward and time for open trade order should not exceed 1 minute. If candle stick of the graph has shorten to about half of the stick then you should close the order immediately. Do not need to care of how the candle stick will be shorter.
4. How to fix your port when graph move in the unexpected direction

If graph that we trade go in unexpected direction; in other words, the graph drop sharply or considerably rise up, you should set a stop loss at around 5% of your port value. The unexpected situation can occur any time but you do not need to be concern since using trading tools will be more accurate.
In some period of using trading tool can be achieve 90% accuracy. However sometimes tool may have less accuracy. If your investment port management is still good, you do not need to be concerned because your overall port can be manage to the neutral situation.