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2015-12-10 23:46:12 ใน NEWS » 0 378

Inclusion on Fundamental to build up Let Profit run for your forex trading

You want to make profit from forex but the problem is you cannot make a profit, if you are still afraid of trading. Some people start to concerned when they get some profit from forex trading. To get rid of the feeling, you should read this article. This article will tell you how to get out of the box in making normal profit to ‘Let Profit run’ position.


1.Keep update your graph during making profit period

In the period of making a profit, you should keep looking at the graph; especially person who trade by follow the trend. Moreover technique to find out where to close your order is easy. How to notice when you should close the order is to look at last third candle sticks which cannot do HH. This means it is going to close order point. Normally the most accurate in candle stick is H1 or H4 on ward. However personally, I like to trade at M15


2. Set Let Profit run at more than 5% per trade round

You should check that Let profit run is more than 5% or not, if not then you should adjust the value to above 5%. You can try to adjust your lot to be higher in order to make more confident in forex trading…. Do not forget to set it more than 5%


3. Increase in number of lot help you to gain more profit

Increase in number of lot means opportunity to make higher profit. I suggest you to increase number of lot since it can help you to make more profit. However do not do it till over trade; otherwise, if there is something wrong or out of your plan then you may get a significant loss.

4. Choose currency pair which has low spread

Currency pair that has low spread can help you to make profit easier. Do not choose unpopular currency pairs to trade because they have high spread value.  Choosing high spread value one may cause you lose more than making profit. Personally, I choose only main four currency pairs to trade. I think only 4 currency pairs are enough.

5. Do not feel too excited when trading, keep your feeling inside.

Keep your exciting feeling since it is a starting point of eagerness. To be greedy can cause trading mistake and you may be unable to make profit from the trade. (Do not forget that graph can swing) In general, be concentrate and get rid of your emotion when trading forex.