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2015-12-11 00:37:47 ใน NEWS » 0 355

How to trade forex to get highest profit in a long term

Everybody who enters forex market aims to get profit. You can use money from profit or enhance opportunity for future success. If you want a long term success, you can study about many types of forex trading. Trading method can be a direction for your profit making.


1.Equal lot trading

First type of forex trading is to trade in the same number of lot. Equal lot trading is quite easy and secured because you can do what we called ‘Let profit run’. Even though you can make it right only three times out of ten, you can still get profit from forex trading.


2. Double lot forex trading

The second type called double lot trading or trade by increased lot. If your trading tool has high accuracy, chance to get mistake seems impossible. However I would like to tell you that you may need cost of capital more than 5,000 baht.

3. Trade forex by choosing three rounds that you do the best each day

In this technique will choose to trade forex only for the most important round. You should choose only three rounds for trading and those three will help you to have fast and secured trade. However your indicator needs to be accurate; otherwise, mistake can occur.

4. Trade forex by follow news

To trade forex at the time that there are some news is one of the popular method. The reason behind is trading by following news helps you to make fast service. This trading style can do by update news and trade immediately base on news. Some people can get high profit from this strategy.

5. Trade forex when market fluctuation is low.

The last type of trading is to trade forex when the market has lowest fluctuated. The lowest fluctuation is accounting from 7.00am to 6.00pm. In this period, trading by using tool is the most accurate and safe for you. Moreover if you want low risk forex trading, 7am-6pm is suit you the best.
You should select forex trading type that suits your trading style the most. One more important thing is ability to take risk which could occur in forex market. If you intend to trade, it is not too difficult. What you have to do is to select trading type which suit your style in order to make you profit.