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How to trade forex by following trend and what you can apply to your trading style

Following trend trading is the most secured way in forex trading and I recommend you to try. Moreover trading tool that you will use in this trading method is only average line. Let us examine how to trade forex by following the trend.

1.Select easy tool in forex trading

The tool that I use is Simple Moving Average. You should choose the average line at 50 days in Simple and Exponential and set those two in different color line. In addition draw a simple 20 days average line since we will use the 20 days line in open the trade order.

2. How to enter the order

We should look at trend of graph 1H type. If it is up trend or down trend, you can do your trading; but if it is a side way then you should not trade. Once you can see trend of your graph, you can open graph M1. If graph M1 and H1 have the similar trend, then you should look at candle stick to touch 20 days average line. Once your candle stick touch the line, you can open order. In terms of stop loss, you should set a stop loss at average 50 days simple line.

3. Set your net profit in percentage

In terms of profit, we will set at 5 percent of capital. For people who want higher profit, you should get experience and specialize in graph analysis and able to do let profit run.


4. When you get your payback, you should with draw your capital and let your profit part to trade.

Once you trade and get profit, you should withdraw your cost of capital immediately. After that you start to trade by your profit left in your port. By capital withdrawal, it is reduce risk in capital loss when you trade.


5. Do not double lot

Do not double lot for the one that you think you should not to because it is risk to get loss. Also you cannot make profit.
Only 5 techniques mentioned above, you can make a sustainable profit in forex trading by follow up trend. And if you already deposit your money in trading system, then let’s do the trade today.