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2015-12-10 23:42:03 ใน NEWS » 0 302

How to solve problem when your forex port go in unexpected direction    


What will you manage your port if it moves in unexpected direction which mean you loss more than 50% of the port? Of course, the first feeling might be shock and depress. To solve this problem, I have some recommendations that can recover your port as following;


1.Know your capital in your port

The first thing that you should do is to find out that how much capital do you have in your port? I suggest you to calculate it in percentage. If your capital is less than 50 percent of your port then you should follow all my 3 recommendations. However if you have capital more than 50 percent then you can so the second step first.


2. Open the trade order at only 0.01 Lot

If you have capital more than 50 percent, it means you are able to recover your port to the payback point. I suggest that you can use same strategy but trade it in a small lot. By doing this you may get back in a small portion, so you may need to trade more often. However do not forget that your goal is to get payback not for gettingprofit.


3. Take a break for 30 days

In case your port has capital less than 50%, I suggest you to stop trading about 30 days. By doing this you can make a consistency profit and you do not lose any capital at the same time. You better not to trade since your emotion may come before reason.


4. Do not let emotion come before trading method

Both second and third methods, you cannot let your emotional leads your trading method. I will tell you that even though you have good strategies, if you trade base on your emotion rather than your well-planned strategy, you will get bad result.


5. Think that everyone can face the problem

Finally, I recommend you not to take problem to heart and think that all specialists used to experience problems you have faced with. If you encounter trading mistake, do not too concern and try to recover your port.
The best way to recover unexpected forex port is to use trading psychology. You can choose any in 5 methods that suit you to apply to your trading.