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2015-12-11 00:47:55 ใน NEWS » 0 400

Forex trading strategy during 9.00am to 4.00pm (GMT+7 Thailand)

I am a person who like to trade forex between 9.00am-4.00pm. because it is our regular working period; especially for full time workers. However in this period of time, the graph is not swing thus it spend longer time to make profit. Sometimes I spend about an hour to make a profit.  What easy in this period trading is your indicator will be highly secured and accurate. Moreover chance to lose is very low. Let’s look at strategies


1.Select main currency pair such as EUR/USD or USD/JPY or EUR/JPY

Currency pair that you should have chosen must have spread value lower than 20 pip. Spread value higher than 20 pip cause trading complexity. In addition when graph is highly fluctuate, you will have opportunity to lose rather than gain profit. Hence I suggest you to trade only EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and EUR/JPY currency pair as your main trading.

2. Select good indicator set

To choose indicator, each person has different way to choose their own indicator. Personally, I preferred to use 50 days average line in both Simple and Exponential together with Bollinger Band and Stochastic. Moreover I prefer to trade by following trend rather than oppose the trend.


3. Set your take profit and stop loss point clearly

I set both take profit and stop loss point quite clear. For take profit point, I set it at lower band or upper band in order to make profit easier. Of course number of percentage to gain is not all the same but I am sure that you will be safe in making profit by doing this strategy.


4. Open high lot if you are confident

You can open high lot but you need to reserve margin for fluctuate graph; otherwise chance to lose is very high. If you are not confident then you should not open trade at high lot. However play safe is what you should do.


5. Making 100% Discipline is heart of forex trading

Discipline is the most important for forex trading. Even though you trade in the easiest round, you should not careless on trading since graph can move in unexpected way. If you do not focus enough then your trading may turns to lose.
How is trading strategy above? You can apply these mentioned strategies to your forex trading style and I am sure that it is easy to follow.