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Forex trading 101 (Basic knowledge for traders who want to be success within 2 years)

Success is what all people want, especially success in capital market such as Foreign Exchange trading.

By success in capital market, you may able to have Jordan Belfort’s life. If you are Novice and start to focus on forex trading, you can choose some learning from this article to apply to your style. This article will tell you what you need to know about forex or forex 101. This will help you to develop your trading skill and to success within 2 years.


1.Forex trading is not a gambling

First thing that you need to understand is forex trading is not a gambling. To enter this market and do trial and error and wish to get success is like a day dream. The best way to success is to trade forex by learning about tools, strategies, money management and psychology of investment.


2. Find a good teacher

I like this word “Find a good teacher” since there are many teachers out there in the market but what we need is only good teacher who can teach how to trade forex in the right way. If you ask who the best teacher is, the answer is Youtube. However you have to learn, try and take action and you will end up with success.


3. Review on forex strategy that you learnt from your teacher

 Review strategies that you have learnt are very important. When you learn from someone, you will know necessary tools and how to have successful forex trading.


4. Prove your trading strategy by virtual money

When you have enough experience and be confident in forex trading, you should prove your trading strategy with virtual money. I mean you should apply for online broker member to trade with virtual money. The virtual money will help you to review your strategies and make more confident.


5. Enter the real market to have experience of real trading and real loss

Finally, forex trading with real money will give you experience of real trading, real gain and loss. In the real market, you will realize that how you engage with forex trading opportunity and mistake. As a consequence, you can learn how to manage your negative temper and keep positive thinking.