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2015-12-11 00:55:00 ใน NEWS » 0 511

reasons that you should trade forex before 40

There are many reasons that you heard from others who try to convince you not to trade forex. But personally I want to tell you that if your age is still less than 40 years old, this is the best opportunity to find out financial freedom. Of course it take times for a few years. Thus let’s look at reasons support why you should start trading forex before 40 years old.

1.Easy to start

It is easy to start trading forex since you need only computer which can connect to Internet. Besides you can also trade by mobile phone. However it’s not necessary to trade in any device, the important thing is learning how to trade.

2. Have many source of information

There are many source of forex trading information in market. Moreover information has in both Thai language and video clips on Internet. However I do not want to push you too much and do not want you to be too stressful; thus you should start from an easy type of trading.


3. You can start with less capital than trading in stock market

Forex trading can start with very low cost of capital which is only 1 Dollar. You may think I am a liar but this is a truth. You do not need a lot of money to start forex trading but only 1 Dollar, you can enter this market.

4. If you want then get some forex trainers

In forex trading, you can copy trading by looking at person who success in forex trading and follow them. By doing this you can make profit from trading. Hence find out brokers who allow copy trading process and apply for its member.

 5. Able to get money without defraud

Nowadays it is out of date to ask whether working on internet will get income because it is. Everything in forex market is real, you can get profit or you can lose your money. Of course you are able to earn million Baht for forex trading.

6. Freedom worker

Trading forex is what no one tells you to do or control you on what you should do. It is your freedom in your working life. You can just do it and do not need to concern, and then you can do it.


7. It is a path way to financial freedom

Final reason is what I like the most is forex trading can bring me a real financial freedom. And if you start with 3,000 Baht capital, you can trade and earn 3,000,000 Baht within 9 months for sure.
Because of 7 reasons that I have mentioned above, I recommend you to enter forex trading market; especially for people who are younger than 40 years old.