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2015-10-24 00:46:01 ใน NEWS » 0 499

5 Way to be rich from forex trading… You can Do It


I believe that no one does not want to be rich or do not want money. If you find one, please tell me since even me, I am also need money.  However rich building tool of each person is different. For myself, my tool is forex trading. Anyone who are looking for easy way to trade forex, this article will give you some directions to start forex trading.

1.To understand every angles of forex trading

The first thing I recommend you to do is to understand every angles of forex trading; includingforex vocabulary, technique and strategies, and forex trading tools. In terms of forex trading tools, you should understand what is Fibonacci, how to use it, how to do Trend line etc.

2. Open account with well-known broker

It would be better to open the forex account with well-known broker because it helps you to trade faster and easier with lower capital. You can make profit in a short period of time since you have supporter or trading trainer.

3. Design trading system in your style

You should choose forex trading system in your own style. However there are many type of forex trading which you can study from my previous articles that I wrote in this website. The article will explain various systems in forex trading.

4. Make a system in trading and follow discipline 100%

You should trade forex systematically and discipline is the most important. Thus you should follow your discipline 100% and you must not use your emotion in trading. The only thing you should do in forex trading is using your system that you have set, if there is any mistake occur, you should review your system and solve it. Do not use your emotion to cope with your problem.                                                                                                                                                         

5. Do not forget to take note on what you have done in forex trading

Finally, always note down what you have done in your trading. What should you note are how you trade in each period of time, how you make profit, you get profit or loss from each strategy. By doing this, you will learn pros and cons of different strategies to adjust it in your next trading.
These are 5 directions which is accounting on easy fundamental skills that you can do it. You can apply the strategies as one path to success in forex trading market.